Launch Outlook Express or Entourage (Classic and OSX)

  1. Choose 'Accounts' under the 'Tools' menu
  2. Add a new account (go to 3 to modify an existing account)
    -click on 'New'
    • from the 'Account type' popup choose 'POP' (recommended) or 'IMAP'
    • click 'OK' and then skip to step 4
  3. Edit an existing account
    • select and existing account
    • click 'Edit'
  4. Account setup
    -under the 'Account Settings' tab
    • enter 'Account name': My Account
    • enter 'Name': Last First MI
    • enter 'E-mail address': yourusername@somedomain.com
    • enter 'Account ID': yourusername@yourdomain.com
    • enter 'POP server': email.macdock.com
    • enter password at 'Save password': [password]
    • enter 'SMTP server': email.macdock.com
    • click 'Click here for advanced receiving options'
    • check the box 'This POP service requires a secure connection (SSL)'
    • leave 'Override default POP port' & 'Always use secure password'
    • click the small window's close box
    • click 'Click here for advance sending options'
    • check the box 'SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL)/
    • check the box 'Override default SMTP port' & enter 994
    • check the box 'SMTP server requires authentication'
    • click the radio button 'Use same as incoming mail server'
    • click the small window's close box -click 'OK'

- Only do steps marked with this icon if you wish to use secure SSL when sending and receiving your email.


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