Domain Transfer from GoDaddy

Here are the steps you need to take in order to transfer your domain name from TO MacDock's Domain Name registrar (ENOM).

  1. When initiating a domian transfer, the new registrar requires a EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) code from the old registrar. Basically, the new registrar will queue the transfer until you (the owner) enters the EPP code.
  2. Login to Godaddy, open up the domain you want transferred, and on the bottom of the left colum will be a link that says “Authorization Code: Send by Email”. Clicking on the link will result in an email being sent to the domain owner (the Technical Contact I presume) with the EPP code. Also make sure Domain Privacy AND any LOCKS are turned OFF.
  3. Provide MacDock support with the EPP code.
  4. If you have Godaddy’s DomainsByProxy, make sure you cancel it. Otherwise you’ll give Godaddy another excuse to abort your domain transfer.

If you follow these steps then you should have no problems. GoDaddy, however, may drag their heals seeing as how they are losing a customer.


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